Last-minute Gifts For Singers!

Author: Alex Bruce Here’s a list of suggested gifts for singers. Both large and small, cheaper items to very generous gift ideas indeed! So if you’re struggling to think what to buy for your singing friend or family member in time for their birthday, anniversary or holiday, look no further. They’re sure to love any (or … Continue reading Last-minute Gifts For Singers!

Betaine HCL – The miracle cure for Acid Reflux?

Anyone familiar with my story knows full well that acid reflux had a prominent hold over my lifestyle and ability to perform for many year. If you are not familiar! Please check out my two entries: A Singer's Struggle with Acid Reflux and Hiatus Hernia Surgery - Lessons Learnt Surviving after the Hiatus Hernia Surgery … Continue reading Betaine HCL – The miracle cure for Acid Reflux?