It takes a long time to trawl through blog articles, and there are so many now! I have now included all blog articles in the one post, and will continue to add all future articles to this page.

Vocal health and performing: 

Laryngitis: Dealing with a lost voice as a singer, actor or singer –

Stage presence and dealing with stage fright –

Fundamental technique: 

Celine Dion demonstrating ‘open throat’ and lifting the soft palette –

The soft palate and open throat, how open is too open? –

How to find the ring in your mask, block your years! –

What ‘singing from the diaphragm’ feels like –

The singer’s bible, part 1, books that every singer, teacher or student should read –

Some quick, easy, conditioning warm-ups to use before singing –

Common myths of signing:

Singing “With more support” –

Singing “From the diaphragm” –

“I sound bad so I cannot be taught” –

Gaten Matarazzo proving that kids do not have to sound like choir singers –

Passaggio, register and fach:

Will singing in the passaggio damage my voice? –

Falsetto, it is not a ‘register’, it is an effect –

The ‘confused’ passaggio note –

Headvoice too high, chest voice too low, where ‘mix’ is needed –

Vocal fach part 1 (general points about passaggio location) –

Fach part 2, male fach –

Fact part 3, female fach –

Dramatic voices all in a row –

General articles:

Teacher archetypes to avoid –