Mission Statement

We aim to provide the complete resource to give you the best possible edge in the singing industry.

The singing industry has become extremely competitive with the rise of popular television shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and Pop Idol. I believe that in order to have the edge over other people nowadays, it does not only take talent, but daily dedication to exercizes and technique so that you can develop the correct muscles to produce that ‘x-factor’ sound. This sound does not simply develop over-night. Think about all of your favourite singers and look at their backgrounds. Many of them grew up singing in church or in youth choirs from a very young age, Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Sam Smith just to name a few.

As a group of professional teachers and performers, it is our mission to find the best online singing programs, test them, review and recommend them. Our aim is to give you the best chance possible for your next audition, production or gig.

Benefits of this resource:

  1. The best how to sing programs
  2. The best tools that singers use in their daily life to help with performance anxiety, nerves and stage-fright
  3. The best tools for a healthy body – your body is your instrument!

How to Sing Guides:

How I determine the top singing guides

I have a no-nonsense way of working out the top guides:

  • Does the teacher advertising their program exist? Sometimes you look for their name and cannot find anything about their background.
  • Do they have a solid technique when you listen to them sing?
  • Have they produced good quality students?
  • Does the program aim specifically for a strong technique?

What does a good how to sing guide have to offer?

A good how to sing program should always offer a step-by-step process. It should begin with breathing techniques followed by lighter, simpler exercizes and progress towards more advanced exercizes. They should always have a reason for you to use an exercize. For example, if I were to ask a student to exhale on a ‘ssssssss’, I would be doing so in order for them to gain more control over the steady stream of air as they exhale so that they are not using too much air as they sing.

A good program will also ensure that the singer is not forcing. A singer should never be pushing their sound out; it should feel extremely easy, even though it might feel a bit like a work out in the body!


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