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What constitutes the best advice?

For singing technique: The best methods for singing technique are simplistic. On the other hand, the best singing teachers always have an extensive understanding of anatomy, particularly with reference to the structures surrounding the pharynx, larynx, ribs  and abdominal, side and back muscles. They also have an astute awareness of posture and the way in which breathing requires a relaxed inhalation, with a supported exhalation. Most of these teachers and performers have been taught by people who use the traditional Swedish-Italian methods of singing.

Furthermore, the best teachers of contemporary voice (belt, pop, RnB, rock, jazz) will always focus on the singer’s connection to the support during exhalation. The aim is to significantly reduce the amount of air pressure used so that the singer can create dynamics without pushing the voice. They also know how to teach the gentle rocking or tilting of the larynx to allow for healthy phonation and increased connection of sound from bottom to top. A good contemporary teacher always knows how to help a singer utilize a microphone.

For Musician’s Health and Performance Anxiety: This body of knowledge is still growing. At the moment, the only people who truly specialize in this area are people who have studied an area of performance health. More often than not, they are performers who can no longer perform due to a health reason or who have had students who have experienced these issues. There is not a lot written about the subject, so we have striven to gather the information on this website based on masterclasses, lectures, talks and word of mouth.

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Note on copyright: No idea around technique, musician’s health and performance anxiety is completely original. All research has been derived from techniques that have existed for decades. The best teachers and practitioners have adapted and used these ideas in an effective way in order to transfer the knowledge to other performers. If you believe that you have written an original piece of research that has been directly plagiarized, please contact us immediately. Plagiarism is when somebody publishes work that is directly taken from a pre-existing piece of original work and claimed it as their own. Aside from any digital products we create ourselves, we will not be claiming any work as an original contribution.