Muscial Theatre Self Isolation Challenge Day 8: Song from a Jukebox Musical

Welcome back! I had a couple of days break to do my many other life-related tasks. Supermarket shopping takes a longer time in the current times we are in.

Remember, feel free to join me in this challenge if you’ve not started already. If you’re too shy to post your videos publically, do it for yourself, or those closest to you.

Today’s theme: Song from a Jukebox Musical. The song is Our Last Summer from Mamma Mia!

Here’s me trying to sing right in the middle of my voice using a very English Harry Bright accent and with a bit more ‘speak’ than sing in the tone! It was more comfortable than I expected! Here it is!

Do you have any funny stories of having to use an awkward accent while you sing? Post in the comments below!

Happy Singing!



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