Musical Self Isolation Challenge Day 5: A Song from a role you won’t play due to ethnicity

The (almost) worldwide quarantine has been tough for performers. Let’s remind everyone we are still here! I am taking part in a 25 day challenge. That is to sing a song every day and post it. Every day is a new theme!

After watching (and subscribing if you want)… I CHALLENGE YOU to the 25 day challenge. Feel free to share these with me if you wish. I’ve been really enjoying the ones I’ve seen from fellow singers thus far and I hope to see many more!

Today’s theme: A Song from a role you won’t play due to ethnicity.

This is one of my all time favourites! Make them Hear you from Ragtime. Coalhouse Walker (the role) is played by someone of African descent usually. The first time I heard a song from Ragtime was when a friend of mine sang “You are your Daddy’s Son”. I was instantly struck by this piece, and had to listen to the whole musical.

Do you have any stories of the first time you were struck by a song from a musical you had never heard?

Happy singing!




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