Musical Self Isolation Challenge Day 3: A Song from a Role that you are too Old to Sing

The (almost) worldwide quarantine has been tough for performers. I am taking part in a 25 day challenge. That is to sing a song every day and post it. Every day is a new theme!

After watching (and subscribing if you want)… I CHALLENGE YOU to the 25 day challenge. Feel free to share these with me if you wish.

Today’s theme: A song from a role that you are too old to sing. There’s never truly a ‘too old’ to sing music. But there are always those roles that we probably won’t be cast because we don’t like quite as much the teenager or child we were.

Here’s my first attempt at singing “There are Giants in the Sky” by Stephen Sondheim (from Into the Woods).


Have you started your 25 day self-isolation challenge yet? Even if you’re not confident to share your singing publically, I strongly suggest doing this for yourself (and anyone you’re comfortable sharing it with). It forces you to sing and rote-learn songs you never thought of learning! This is far from my best work, but it has been so much fun to put together so far.

Happy singing!





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