Self Isolation Challenge Day 1: Your Favourite Shower Song

The (almost) worldwide quarantine has been tough for performers. I am taking part in a 25 day challenge. That is to sing a song every day and post it. Every day is a new theme.

After watching (and subscribing if you want)… I CHALLENGE YOU to the 25 day challenge.

Today’s theme: Day 1, Favourite Shower Song

Thanks to all the people to continue to read my blog. It is in need for a few revamps and updates that I intend to be rolling out over the next year or so, but I appreciate everyone who has been along for the journey so far. I’ve had so many people share their stories with me from their acid-reflux journey.

My Challenge to you as viewers is to follow suit. Either post your singing videos to me privately or put them up on your youtube channels. Give yourself an audience and make people remember that we are all still here!

Apologies for the slightly blurry visuals. I think I have a way to fix that a bit over the next few days :).

Here is the challenge!

No photo description available.












Happy singing.




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